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Organisational Structure

The Internal Structure of WHC

The World Hazara Council (WHC) consists of the following bodies:

1) Congress or General Assembly

The Congress/General Assembly (GA) is the highest ranking body in the Council. The Congress is to be held biannually and the elected members of the council may attend the Congress. A decision will be approved if the majority of the votes is gained.

2) Central Council

The members of the Central Council (CC) are elected by the representatives at the General Assembly. It is the core structure of the Council and the second highest ranking body in the leadership and decision-making process. The Central Council’s main responsibility is the supervision of the activities of the Executive Council. The CC’s official meeting will be held twice a year.

3) Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is elected by Congress and elections are held every two years. The EB is responsible for the implementation of all decisions, plans, and activities of the Council. The activities of the EB shall be in accordance with the WHC Constitution, internal instructions, and the decisions of the Congress and Central Council. The EB is therefore accountable to Congress and Central Council.

The Head of the Executive Board, also known as the President of WHC, is the highest ranking position in the Council. The implementation of executive affairs, committees, country representative offices, and the general leadership and direction of the council is under the responsibility of the President.

Currently, the Executive Board has the following functioning committees:

Strategic Planning and Policy Committee
Asylum and Refugee Affairs Committee
Law and Human Rights Committee
Cultural and Social Affairs Committee
Media and Communications Committee
Advocacy and External Relations Committee
Financial Affairs Committee

4) Financial Auditors

The WHC has two main auditors. Their responsibilities are to check and audit in all the spending for each fiscal year.

5) Organisational Representative Council

The Organisational Representative Council (ORC) comprises of civil society organisations that represent the Hazara ethnic-communities in different countries across the world.