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WHC Vision

  • To promote and protect the cultural, social and civil rights of the Hazara people around the world.
  • To promote the economic and political interests of the Hazara diaspora communities around the world and facilitate political, economic and cultural cooperation between them.
  • To raise awareness about the history, culture, and values of the Hazara community, including their historical suffering and persecution in Afghanistan and South-Asia.
  • To enhance political and cultural dialogue and cooperation between Hazara-ethnic communities in Afghanistan and Central and South-Asia, as well as facilitating cooperation with non-Hazara ethnic-groups in the regions.
  • Long term humanitarian and charity activities such as eradication of illiteracy, promotion of education, publication of books and journals, training videos, establishing libraries, schools, hospitals, student dormitories, research centers, universities and orphanages in Afghanistan.
  • To provide assistance, orientation, consultancy, guidance and suggestions in regards to Hazaras’ integration process and their success in their resident countries, as well as cooperating with relevant departments and agencies.