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The World Hazara Council, on behalf of the Hazara community, expresses its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all Hazara individuals, organizations and institutions, national and international, who joined the global protest against the genocide of the Hazara people in Afghanistan on October 8, 2022, and created a glorious and historic epic. They made a figure, he expresses.

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#StopHazaraGenocide Protests worldwide‏

Pictures of the protests around the world.

#StopHazaraGenocide Protests worldwide‏

Members’s Achievements

Sajjad Askary and Sitarah Mohammadi Are the two relentless young human rights activists and executive board members of the WHC. they have dedicated  extensive time advocated for the rights Hazara in Afghanistan. refugees around the world, and specifically for the systematic on going genocide against Hazara. the have proudly won the “Voltaire-Award” in Australia.


Hazara encylopedia

An Introduction and Critique of the Hazara Encyclopaedia in Vienna
Date: Saturday, 26th Novey2022, 14:00 to 17:00
Place: Seidengasse 28; 1070 Wien, Austria
The event was held by the World Hazara Council in Austria in cooperation with the Universal Peace Federation and with the financial support of generous donors.
The Hazara Encyclopaedia Book Launch was held  in Vienna with the participation of experts and academics from all over the world.
The Hazara Encyclopaedia is a reference book which provides a vast breadth and depth of information about the Hazara ethnic group, one of the main ethnicities in Afghanistan, and their history and culture.
The event included a report on the writing of the first volume; the details of the second edited and extended version; as well as the Hazara Encyclopaedia Foundation’s plan on how to proceed with the remaining 11 volumes. The speakers and participants evaluated the work from various dimensions.
The event  also included a round table on the relation between Afghan diaspora’s civil activities in the West including “Stop Hazara Genocide” campaign and the Hazara Encyclopaedia project.