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The World Hazara Council, on behalf of the Hazara community, expresses its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all Hazara individuals, organizations and institutions, national and international, who joined the global protest against the genocide of the Hazara people in Afghanistan on October 8, 2022, and created a glorious and historic epic. They made a figure, he expresses.

This council consists of millions of Hazara men and women, hundreds of Hazara organizations and institutions, well-known national and international personalities who, with the voice of the Hazara people and based on the call of their conscience, condemned the massacre of innocent Hazara people in Afghanistan, the recognition of the genocide of the Hazara people by the United Nations. The need for urgent and urgent support of the international community to stop the systematic and continuous attacks against the Hazara people in Afghanistan came together, wrote, shouted, came to the streets and showed empathy and cooperation, we sincerely appreciate and thank them.
According to the World Hazara Council, the terrorist attack on the Kaj educational center on September 30, 2022, which killed and wounded more than a hundred Hazara students in Kabul, is another clear example of the systematic and targeted killing of the Hazara people in Afghanistan, which began with the military invasion of Abdul Rahman Khan in the decade The end of the 19th century began. After the massacre of nearly 65% of Hazara people in Afghanistan, it has been more than a century that Afghan Hazaras have been subjected to systematic discrimination and targeted killings by the ruling political regimes in Afghanistan, terrorists and fascists, only because of their ethnicity and religion. The scale and intensity of this oppression and mass killing of Hazara people has now reached a dangerous and catastrophic stage that must be stopped and ended in every possible way.
Once again, the World Hazara Council sincerely appreciates each and every one of you who participated in this international lawsuit with the aim of condemning the genocide of the Hazara people in Afghanistan and for its recognition and the cessation of terrorist attacks against the Hazara people around the world.
The World Hazara Council looks to the future with full faith in peace, justice and humanity and believes that with your help and support, we can stop the genocide of the Hazara people in Afghanistan and bring the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity to the law. We firmly believe in your friendship and cooperation in achieving our goals to create a safe and just world for the people of Hazara. It is only by relying on this unity, cohesion and cooperation between Hazara personalities and organizations and attracting the participation and companionship of national and international peace-loving and justice-seeking forces that the people of Hazara can overcome hegemony and create a bright future.
We are on the way to achieving our goals to liberate the Hazara people from oppression and oppression inside and outside of Afghanistan, to secure the rights of the Hazara people, to achieve the cohesion and unity of the Hazara groups and currents around the world, and to support and strengthen the Hazara people to become a democratic and free society that supports human rights. And we are a leader in science and knowledge. In order to fulfill its responsibility and mission, the World Hazara Council believes in the cooperation and companionship of all peace-loving and justice-loving individuals and currents, and we warmly shake your hand of friendship and unity.

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