Hadi Ahmadi

Dr. Hadi Ahmadi holds a Ph.D in political science from Germany, MA in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (IHRL &IHL) with certifications in grants & fundraising, project management, PR-management and diplomacy. He is currently the deputy spokesperson of the World Hazara Council.

Dr. Ahmadi has also worked as project manager for non-profit organisations in Germany, has been manager and lecturer in executive and academic capacities for nationally recognized institutions in Afghanistan. Besides, he worked for eight years with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan and the Afghan Embassy in Germany.

Somaia Gul Dost

Somaia Gul Dost is head of the Social Media Committee of WHC. She aims to advocate for the humanitarian rights of Hazaras. Somaia is a PHD student in Belgium. She holds a degree in Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management  from Harvard University, University of Alberta, HEC Paris and ICHEC Brussels Management School.

Qader Bakhsh Dost

Qader Bakhsh Dost is the head of the Financial Affairs Committee of  WHC. He is a businessman and acquired a reputation as a profound and dedicated person to his work. He is also a philanthropist as he seeks to promote the welfare of Hazaras around the world. Besides, he is a writer and a poet. He also has extensive experience as a longtime member of the WHC.


Reza Jafari

Reza Jafari is the head of the cultural committee for the World Hazara Council. Since 2012, he is the founder and President  of the Association children of Afghanistan. In 2014, he became the founder and director of the first health center for victims of torture and trauma in Kabul. In 2018, he created the afghan cultural center in paris. And in September 2021, after the fall of Kabul, he created and became the president of the resistance movement. Reza is also a member of the Green Party in France.

Sima Noori

Sima Noori is member of the integration committee of Tromsø, Norway.She  also works as a healthcare person at the Norwegian Ministry of Public Health.She is a poet and civil and women’s rights activist.She is currently the head of the Women’s Affairs Committee of the World Hazara Council. Besides, she is not only a member of the Blaq Analysts Network, but also a member of  Terrorism Victims Protection Organization.Mrs. Sima Noori continues to fight for justice, equality and freedom.


Dr. Homira Rezai

Homira Rezai has been working with the British Hazara community for over a decade and has a deep passion in women’s right. She has several years of experience in planning and strategy both in her professional work as well as in her extracurricular activities. Homira is the Chairwoman of Hazara Committee in the UK where along with her team, she advocates for the rights of Hazaras and religious minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Homira is a medical scientist by training and holds a PhD in medical research. She is the Chief Operations Officer of MirZyme Therapeutics, an innovative FemTech developing diagnostics and targeted therapeutics for pregnancy complications.

Dr. Ali Baqeri

Ali Baqeri holds a PhD in International Management. He is a UNHCR member in Austria, an ambassador for Austria’s Red Cross in Nations Dialogues Project and a member of UPF. Currently he is the head of the International Relations Committee of World Hazara Council.

Sajjad Askary

Sajjad Askary is a Juris Doctor (JD) student at Monash University in Australia and an Op-ed contributor for the Guardian Australia, Al Jazeera English and other newspapers. Sajjad is the Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee for the World Hazara Council.

Sitarah Mohammadi

Sitarah Mohammadi is the spokesperson at World Hazara Council (WHC). She is a contributor to Guardian Australia and writes on Hazaras, Afghanistan and refugees’ issues. Sitarah recently co-authored a chapter in the volume of Migrant Australia: From Botany Bay to Manus Island. Sitarah is a current Juris Doctor candidate in law in Melbourne, Australia and a legal researcher with the Afghanistan Human Rights Democracy Organisation. Sitarah was the 2019 Provost scholar at the University of Oxford, where she undertook her studies in International Relations and Politics and completed her dissertation on Australia’s refugee policy post-2001. Sitarah also has a bachelor’s degree in international Relations and Human Rights from Monash University.

Rustam Ahmadi

Rustam Ahmadi has been working with and for the Council for many years and will bring his skills, insight and experience to the new team to strengthen cooperation and work more collaboratively for the Hazara people.